Purchasing Department

Italdraghe SpA
San Giovanni in Marignano, IT


Italdraghe SpA, established in the middle of the last century, has gathered decades of experience, becoming one of the best known manufacturers of dredgers, dredging components and marine equipment worldwide.

The key words for Italdraghe have always been quality, reliability, commitment and customer centricity: raw materials are carefully selected, design is conceived to meet customer needs and the company is always committed to keeping the customer at the center of its business.

Italdraghe objectives are to maintain high production standards, to spread the value of Made in Italy quality and to carry out projects of increasing complexity. Italdraghe products are suitable for a wide range of applications and sectors such as maritime, metallurgical, mining, coal, building materials and renewable energy.


As a purchasing officer, the candidate will be responsible for planning and managing procurement based on business needs and for coordinating and controlling the purchase of goods and services, with a view to optimizing stocks, improving flows and storage processes and reducing costs in order to ensure a saving in the budget of competence. The purchasing manager is responsible for identifying potential suppliers, analyzing offers by evaluating the best quality/price ratio, validating and contacting the selected suppliers and negotiating the terms of purchase and the conditions of the supply: quantity, timing, prices, delivery methods. The candidate will have to sign purchase contracts, manage orders at administrative level and maintain commercial relations with national and international suppliers. The candidate will take care of verifying the respect of the agreed procedures, also in collaboration with the quality control department. It is also the task of the purchasing office to manage company stocks and suppliers’ archives.


  • Plan the purchase of goods and raw materials in line with the needs of the company’s supply chain
  • Carry out scouting activities and validation of the best suppliers for quality/cost ratio
  • Negotiate the economic and contractual conditions – times, costs, quantities, delivery methods of supplies
  • Manage purchases, enter orders and master articles through management software
  • Control the progress of deliveries and the status of warehouse stocks
  • Write reports on the activities of the department purchases
  • Study the tendencies of the outside products’ market
  • Evaluate the purchase and introduction of new products


  • Degree in Business Administration or Management Engineering
  • Purchasing and logistics experience appreciated, knowledge of procurement and supply chain management, warehouse organization, integrated logistics, distribution, administration and management control
  • Computer and enterprise software skills
  • Good knowledge of English and other languages


  • Expertise in purchasing, warehouse and distribution management
  • Knowledge of the merchandise sector of reference
  • Management skills and evaluation of budgets, forecasts and actuals
  • Ability to negotiate and conduct business negotiations
  • Knowledge of administrative procedures for order management
  • Knowledge of regulations relating to commercial transactions
  • Use of major computer applications and management software
  • Versatility and flexibility
  • Problem-solving skills