Italdraghe SpA, established in the middle of the last century, has gathered decades of experience becoming one of the most known dredgers, dredging solutions and marine equipment worldwide.

The keywords for Italdraghe have always been quality, reliability, commitment and customer centricity: the raw materials are accurately chosen, the design is thought such to satisfy clients’ needs and the company is always committed to keep the customer at the center of its activity.

Italdraghe purposes are to maintain high its manufacturing standards, to spread the value of Made in Italy quality and execute projects of increasing complexity. Italdraghe products fit a wide range of applications and industries such as maritime, metallurgical, mining, coal power, building material and renewable energy.

A family history

From a family business born in 1952 in Italy to a global and diversified company.

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Mission, vision and value proposition

At Italdraghe we believe in quality, durability and customer centricity.

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Our strengths

Italdraghe stands out for its versatility and expertise of the dredging industry.

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Our team

A well-coordinated, skilled and empowered team allows Italdraghe to achieve its goals and satisfy its customers.

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How we work

A five-steps circular process brings the company from client first contact to contract signing.

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Our support

Italdraghe stands beside its customers both with dredging products and with technical support.

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