Italdraghe working flow relies on five consecutive steps from the first contact with the customer to contract signing. The five – steps circular process starts with the analysis of the problem faced by the customer and ends up with proposal submission to the client.


Phase 1: Italdraghe starts analyzing the problem together with the client aimed at developing a tailored solution maximizing the given budget for the actual scope of supply


Phase 2: In loco visit to better understand the working conditions of the machine so to maximize the utility to the client


Phase 3: Italdraghe studies the problem and drafts a first proposal to the client


Phase 4: Italdraghe submits its proposal to the client. Together they try to understand if the found alternative is the right one. In case it is not, Italdraghe will draw down a new proposal.


Phase 5: Italdraghe waits for a confirmation by the client to start building the customized machine.



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