We are pleased to announce that the company Italdraghe S.p.A. has obtained an important grant from the Emilia Romagna Region under the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) 2021-2027.
This funding has enabled the company to raise its level of digital maturity, aiming for a remarkable ACATECH 3 level.

The financed project saw the integration of a modern CNC boring machine, contributing significantly to increasing production capacity and increasing the company’s independence from external suppliers, especially in a context marked by the raw material crisis.

In addition, this investment further consolidated Italdraghe’s position in its target market, enabling the timely introduction of increasingly advanced and comprehensive solutions, strengthening its leadership.

The company has significantly improved its technological level, ensuring a continuous and reliable supply of its products, optimizing the management and organization of work and strengthening control over it.

The adoption of the new machinery has made significant improvements in the company’s environmental performance.

In fact, Italdraghe’s planned investment program for the coming years, which includes the purchase of this state-of-the-art CNC machine, not only meets the needs of economic expansion, but also aims to improve environmental impact by reducing primary energy consumption.

The new high-speed transversal mobile upright boring mill SACHMAN model TRT10HS with Heidenhain TNC640 CNC – Axis travels: X 3000 mm / Y 1210 mm / Z 1200 mm machine, which is the latest generation and highly efficient compared to previous equipment, has raised the company’s environmental and social performance levels.

Through this project, Italdraghe has achieved the following expected results:
– Digitization of production and horizontal integration
– Reduced environmental impact
– Lower incidence of errors in recording information
– Increased production capacity
– Improved production quality
– Reduction in production time, machine stops and consumption

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