The commissioning of the first of two 10” dredgers supplied to the Indian Government has just been completed. In the next few days, the assembly and commissioning of the remaining one will take place as well.

Italdraghe has been awarded with a tender from the Indian Government confirming its technical expertise in this market.
Currently, Italdraghe technicians are on site, in order to instruct and collaborate with the local team in the assembly, commissioning and launching of both dredgers.

The conditions of the ground and the missing equipment such as suitable cranes represented a challenge for our technicians who, however, were able to work in very harsh conditions thanks to their preparation and technical skills.

This launching represents a great source of pride for Italdraghe Team. It is indeed the proof that our Team works hard to assist our clients not only before the delivery but and especially after-sales, in order to supply the most performing equipment.

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