“The leading construction equipment company of the country has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Narayanganj-based shipbuilder Highspeed Shipbuilding & Engineering Co Ltd (HSEC) for equity partnership in the planned manufacturing facility currently owned by the shipbuilder, BanglaTrac said in a statement.

Bangla Trac has chosen Italian dredger builder Italdraghe S.p.A as its technology partner and the foreign partner would provide full technical support to local manufacturing.”


“Apart from the engine, some sophisticated equipment and accessories, the core structure and a number of parts of the Italdraghe-branded dredgers would be locally-manufactured under strict quality control and maintaining international standard, he said.”

Link at the article: https://www.tbsnews.net/economy/corporates/bangla-trac-manufacture-dredgers-cut-price-acquire-technology-339442

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