Together with our trusted Philippines business partner, our team was able to choose the perfect dredging solution for the dredging activities to be performed in Metro-Manila in order to clear the mouth of a heavily-silted river.

At first, Italdraghe team accurately studied the specific need. Then, considering that the Philippine customer was already in possess of an excavator, our team found the best solution that was compatible both with the excavator model and with the client budget constraint.

For instance, the dredging head is a high efficient and modular heavy-duty submersible dredge pump unit. This pump range has several dredge tools and connectors to adapt to every situation and environment. The dredging head is ideal for small-scale dredging projects in narrow canals, small reservoirs or harbours where only a few thousand cubic meters of material need to be removed and where employing a full-size dredger would prove impractical and uneconomical. The dredging head is compatible with all types of hydraulic excavator whether land-based or floating.