Italdraghe SpA, with the support of its local agent, has had the honour to collaborate with Bangladesh Government for a significant project in the country: the supply of 50 rudder propellers. (metti link al data sheet piedi poppieri)

This project has represented a great opportunity and an incredible source of pride as Italdraghe engineering department has developed custom-made rudder propellers in order to meet its customer requirements and exigences. The 50 rudder propellers have been entirely designed by a highly specialised team of engineers and manufactured in Italy using only high-quality materials in order to meet Italdraghe quality standards.

Italdraghe rudder propellers have already shown their quality and efficiency in the past as they have been sold in several parts of the world. In this occasion, Bangladesh Government commissioned the entire batch of rudder propellers to be installed on ferries that cross channels as well as navigate in open seas.