Italdraghe SpA is proud to be part of the project carried out by the company LEMAC srl which is in charge of the dredging works to restore the seabed of the port of Fertilia, Sardinia (Italy).

Indeed, a significant amount of material has sedimented at the bottom of the channel in the past and needs to be removed in order to clean the port and increase the current depth of 1,8m up to 3m. This activity will make the seabed much safer for vessels and crafts and will improve its navigability conditions, which are now compromised.

In order to achieve this purpose, Italdraghe is pleased to rent to the Sardinian company one of its most high-efficient and heavy-duty machines: Dredging Head – Submersible Pump type BD3 (inserire link scheda benna).

Italdraghe BD3 is ideal for this kind of small-scale projects, since it is very compact and flexible. Further, one of its main advantages is its compatibility with all types of hydraulic excavator that make the Dredging Head – Submersible Pump extremely versatile.

Together with the Dredging Head, Italdraghe offers its advice and support with one of its experienced technicians for the first starting up as well as maintenance in order to achieve the best quality and result.

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