ITALDRAGHE SpA projects and constructs dredging equipment and has delivered hundreds of dredging and pumping systems worldwide. Over the last 60 years the company, which designs and produces its products in Italy, has supplied many dredgers for rivers, lakes, dams, canals, ports, mines and quarry projects.

It all started in 1952, in San Giovanni in Marignano, on the Italian Adriatic Coast. Through the evolution of time and technology ITALDRAGHE SpA has arrived at the Third Millennium into with a wide network of contacts and projects all over the world. Today the firm is managed by the second-generation management. The owners run the company with unparalleled professionalism together with the same passion their fathers had.

ITALDRAGHE SpA’s Mission is to project and construct dredging equipment of the highest quality to meet all its clients’ needs worldwide. Its vision is to continue to be a reference point in the dredging sector for quality, customised solutions, innovation and environmental protection.

ITALDRAGHE SpA’s product range includes cutter suction dredgers (CSD), water jet dredgers, dredging pumps and all the equipment necessary for a dredging quarry such as:  booster stations, workboats, rudder-propellers, bow thrusters, dredging buckets and harvesters. ITALDRAGHE SpA provides both complete dredgers and single dredging components.

In addition to standard dredging equipment, ITALDRAGHE SpA provides dredging solutions, which means the product is designed to fit the customer’s specific usage and requirements.