Project Description

Dredger type: 250 C cutter suction

Built by: Italdraghe SpA
Year of construction: 1986
Location: Centre-north Italy
Inspection: on request
Technical specifications

Overall length with arm rasied: 30.00 m
Waterline length: 20.78 m
Waterline width: 7.10 m
Hull height: 1.56 m
Dredging depth: 13.00 m
Suction diameter: 300 mm
Discharge diameter: 250 mm
Dredging pump: Italdraghe SGT 250 SX
Impeller: 810 mm
Main engine: MAN 416 KW – D2542 MLE
Auxiliary engine: AIFO 173 KW
Spuds: 2

Availability: immediate