Project Description

Ecological electric water-jet dredger 

Robust, economical, electric suction dredger with water-jet head designed for dredging in deep water lakes, hydro-electric reservoirs, mines and quarries.
Modular, fully-dismountablke dredger for 0- 25 metre depths available as 150PDL, 200PDL, 250PDL, 300PDL and 350PDL models in both standard and customised versions.

• Low environmental impact
• Low maintenance
• Electric motor (no emissions and no risk of fuel or oil spillages)
• Electric pumps and winches
• Low level noise emissions
• Uses new generation biodegradable lubricating oils
• Chrome and lead-free paints


• High productivity with lo installed power
• Extremely robust design for extended working life

Easy to use
• One-man operation
• Simple maintenance
• Easy equipment access

Easy to transport
• Simple and quick to dis/assemble
• Designed for container shipping

Optional features
• Dredging depth increase
• Cabin air conditioning
• On-board gen set
• Self-propelled


Rainbow eco-dredger – Datasheet (EN)